Friday, 26 August 2016

Balaji Borewell - Solar Plant, Road Construction, Piling Services, Soil Investigation Work

Solar Plant- Balaji Borewell has experience of more than 30 years in construction field. Company has doing works very well in the field of Solar Plant field.
Balaji Borewell Company has offers the expertise as well as tools required to provide the best possible solution to clients across categories.

Solar plant Design and Engineering-
Balaji Borewell Department has doing work in solar field as own difficulties- soil, weather, wind, radiance, and topography. There company has works done as appropriate plant design and PV parameters are one of the key components to generate maximum output and thus maximum project value.

Road Construction- Balaji Borewell Pvt. Ltd. Company  is in the business of construction as well as construction and operation of major road projects. Balaji Borewell undertakes development of various infrastructure projects in the road sector through several Special Purpose Vehicles. In All over India Balaji Borewell will always strive to contributing to that growth – it has the will and capability to design, build and maintain world-class roads, highways and expressways.

Balaji Borewell has build roads and highways with an underlying sense of responsibility towards the nation. it will also focused on function like a precision-timed unit while building these very necessary urban infrastructural skylines. Over the last 10 years we have built :

- State Highways
- National Highways
- Bridges
- Culverts
- Storm Water Drains

Piling Services:  Balaji Borewell Company is the largest Indian Independent Piling Contractors operating a wide variety of piling equipment allowing us to perform qualified projects of any size or value throughout the country. Balaji Borewell Company Department has hire well talented and experienced staff to the purpose as doing work very fairly. there each project is supported by our team of professionals and experienced piling crews who combined ensure each project is carried out safely, to a defined standard and most important of all within budget.

Balaji Borewell has offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to our construction projects with the expertise to design, plan and install intricate foundation systems, piling, and civil works.

Soil Investigation Work: Balaji Borewell is latest upgrowing a big and famous organization engaged in the fields of Bored cast-in-situ piles, Precast Pre-bored piles, Micro Piles, Diaphragm walls, Metre Panel Work, Soil Investigation, Drilling and Grouting.
Company has successfully completed the piling works for many commercial and residential prestigious projects and the piling for many bridges all over country covering states.
Balaji Borewell Company has doing work of the soil exploration is done on land and in marine condition by using floating platform to execute exploration in sea and river. Company is specialist in analyzing and correlating the lab test results on core samples leading in an economical and better design of pile foundation and all types of ground improvement works.

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